We’re people who dream for a fairer society

Our purpose is to build an inclusive society

The main objectives are:

  • To empower and improve people’s quality of life.
  • To promote social cohesion.
  • To break down prejudices, stereotypes and stigmatization.
  • To boost the positive values of football.
  • To build a feeling of belonging.
  • Make society sensible about homeless reality.

Meet our Great Team!

All this would not be possible without a great group of volunteers working altogether. We’re a group of people with the eagerness to impulse the change we want to see in the world.

Other people who have been in SSB:

Audrey De Paepe, Michelle Borgström,  Xavi Orts, Albert Pérez, Quim Grau, Kanke, Teo Glikson, Jorge Larena Castejón, Pau Martra, Sergi Rovira, Artur Guarenzi, Jules Plaquevent, Julia Juez, Ana Puit, Carles Roche, Alejandra Estrada, Elisa Michelangeli, Antti Roha, Ben Hunter, Lisa Brinkmann, Pilar Suárez, Charles Pintat, Joan Esteve, Vanina Rodriguez, Elise Rottreau, Paulo López… among others.

Transparency, above all.

We know transparency and confidence are fundamental anchors to create solid and durable links. That’s the reason for publishing our activities + financial reports.


Collaborate now!

Each euro you donate helps us a lot to go on growing.